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Retirement Solutions

One of the greatest financial challenges you will face is adequately preparing for retirement.  A fixed index annuity is a good option because you can:

Retirement Planning Rhode Island

  • Guarantee protection from market fluctuations
  • Earn credited interest based on market index changes
  • Benefit from tax deferral to grow savings quicker
  • Have flexible income options, including lifetime income that may increase but can never decrease
  • Receive bonuses on some products

What is an Annuity?

An annuity is a contract issued by an insurance company.  It is a unique financial product that provides tax deferral of credit interested and the option (if funds are annuitized) of a guaranteed monthly income for life.

Although annuities can serve various needs, the primary purpose is that of a retirement vehicle.  It is attractive because of the money accumulating in an annuity grows on a tax deferred basis.

There are two parts to an annuities:  the accumulation phase and the distribution phase.   After accumulation, you can enter into the distribution phase or you can simply cash out.

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