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Commercial Auto Insurance

If your vehicle is registered under your business you MUST have a commercial auto insurance policy.  John J. Clarke Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for small-business owned vehicles including cars, trucks and trailers located in Rhode Island.

20146753_sWe can also provide significant coverage extensions and beyond traditional coverage for liability and physical damage.  These additional coverages can be added for a minimal cost and can include protection against:

  • Additional Transportation Expense
  • Loss of Earnings Supplementary Payments
  • Bail Bonds Supplementary Payments
  • Hired Auto Physical Damage
  • Customized Furnishings Damage
  • Electronic Equipment Damage
  • Towing and Labor Costs Damage
  • Broad Form Insured
  • Duties in the Event of an Accident
  • Unintentional Failure to Disclose Hazards
  • Physical Damage – Glass Breakage

Many business people use the same vehicle for both business and personal use; we can help you understand the differences and various options involved with commercial auto insurance, in these and other special circumstances for maximum protection and savings.

We also offer pricing discounts for various vehicle types and usage. Companion product discounts may also be available.

We’re here to help you find the most affordable and comprehensive commercial auto insurance policy, so please feel free to give us a call at (401) 821-7330 or send an e-mail request for more information.

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